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Srinagar Tourism

Srinagar Tourism

Srinagar is an ancient town with more than one thousand years of history. Unfortunately, the old city was wiped out in 1894 Gohna Lake Dam Burst and with that, all its old relics have been lost. Therefore, the town does not have many historical monuments to visit. However, it does have a few ancient temples and above all an awesome natural beauty to enjoy.

Temples in Srinagar

Ancient Temples inSrinagar

The area in and around Srinagar has many places of religious importance. Among them, the temple of Kamleshwar Mahadev is the most significant. Other than that, Kilkileshwar Temple, Shankar Math, Guru Gorokhnath Cave, Kesho Rai Math, Chandreshwar Mahadev, Badrinath Temple etc are some of the spots that every sightseer to the town must visit. Besides, Dhari Devi Mandir, located at a distance of 15 km from Srinagar along Badrinath Road, is another temple that one should never miss.

If we go by the legends, most of these temples were established in ancient times. However, they have been rebuilt many times since then. Most of these places of worship have many interesting tales about them. To know more about them you may visit our page on Religious Spots in Srinagar.

Himalayan Archaeological and Ethnography Museum in Srinagar

Museum in Srinagar

Himalayan Archaeological and Ethnography Museum is another must visit place in this town. It has been established by HNB Garhwal University in 1980. However, it is open to public and a visit to the town can never be complete without a visit to this museum. Its aim is to preserve different aspect of the Himalayan heritage including its traditional arts and crafts, excavated materials and the famed Garhwal painting.

Indeed, the museum showcases varied artifacts from the Stone Age to the present day and thereby documents the lifestyle of the people residing here since the time immemorial. Here you will see different implements, sculptures, potteries and other antiques made out of stone as well as terracotta. They have been discovered in the Central Himalayan Region including places like Ranihat, located on the northwest of Srinagar. It also houses photographs, manuscripts, local records, ancient literature, periodicals and news papers. The museum also has a good collection of paintings by legendry artist Mola Ram. In all, a visit to the museum provides a comprehensive peek into the history as well as culture of the region.  To know more you may contact at the following address:

The Director,

The Himalayan Archaelogical and Ethnography Museum
City: Srinagar
State: Uttarakhand
Pin Code: 246 174
Telephone No: ++91-1346-252391, 253420

River Alakananda in Srinagar

Alakananda In Srinagar

Srinagar, located on the bank of River Alakananda, offers a breathtaking scenic beauty.  The rapidly flowing river along with surrounding greenery is sure to captivate any sensitive soul.  Visitors to the town must take time to visit areas like Chauras, Sri Yantra Tapu and SSB Complex so as to enjoy the scenic beauty most.  While the Chauras is a flat piece of land on the bank of River Alakananda, Sri Yanta Tapu is actually an island in the middle of the river. The Hill Top on Pauri Road is another excellent spot to spend some hours.

Hill Top in Srinagar

Hill Top in Srinagar

As the name suggests, Hill Top is the highest point in Srinagar. It is located on Pauri Road at a distance of 7 km from the main town. The place offers a good scope for a day’s outing. A motorable road takes you to the top. It also has a very mild gradient. Consequently, if you are in mood for a very short and easy trek you may also walk up to the top. The stretch with its twists and turns offer an enjoyable hike. From the top you can have a panoramic view of the Srinagar Valley and watch River Alakananda mingling by.

Maletha near Srinagar

Maletha near Srinagar

In addition, there are quite a few interesting places to visit from the town.  Maletha is one of them. It is located at a distance of 9 km from Srinagar and every visitor to the town ought to take a trip to this prosperous village. .

There is a fascinating tale related to this place. Although it is now a prosperous village once upon a time it was once a barren piece of land without any reliable source of water. Everything changed because of the determination of one man. His name was Madho Singh Bhandari. He was a famous warrior who joined the royal court at a very early age. On realizing the pitiful condition of the villagers he decided to have a canal dug through the mountains so that water from a nearby stream could be brought to the village.

At Maletha

Buoyed by his enthusiasm, the villagers burrowed through the mountain to connect their village with Chandabhaga stream. However, in spite of all efforts, the canal remained dry; water did not enter it. At night, Madho Singh dreamt that he must sacrifice his eldest son if he wanted water to reach his village. When the son heard this he severed his own head and as soon as it was placed before the deity, water began to flow through the channel. While the villagers rejoiced, Madho Singh went back to Srinagar never to return.

To this day, the canal Madho Singh built remains the only source of water for the village and during the harvest villagers sing songs glorifying the sacrifice of Madho Singh and his son. A statue of Madho Singh has also been erected in the village.

Ranihat near Srinagar

Alakananda Valleynear Srinagar

Ranihat, located to the northwest of Srinagar on the right bank of River Alakananda, is another good place to visit. Excavations have established the existence of a very ancient civilization here. Bricks, potteries, tools and other accessories found here indicate that the place was inhabited by the Aryans from the very start. Findings here have helped to formulate the history of the region to a large extent.

Dehal Chauri near Srinagar

Dehal Chauri is located at a distance of 12 km from Srinagar. The place is also known as Manju Ghosh. He is the Pashchim Kshetropal or the Protector of the West. There is a Kali temple here. However, visitors mostly go there to enjoy its scenic beauty. Several hills and mountain peaks can be seen from here. Kanda Fair and Dehal Chaui Fair are two most important events here. Interestingly both these fairs are organized on the Bhai Duj, the day after Dewali. They are marked by as much by religious rites as by festivity. 

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