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Localities in Srinagar

Localities in Srinagar

Although Srinagar is an ancient town it has been rebuilt several times. This is mainly due to the fact the place is prone to natural calamity and has been destroyed repeatedly by earthquakes and floods. It was last built by the British in 1897 under the aegis of E.K. Pauw, the then Deputy Commissioner of British Garhwal.  He relocated the city on a higher plane to the southeast of the old town. What is more, he built the city according to grid iron pattern and completed it within three years. However, the city was given the urban status only in 1931.

National Highway 58, also known as Rishikesh Road or Badrinath Road, is the main thoroughfare in Srinagar. The city has grown in east west direction along this road.  Following are few of the important localities of this town.

Gola Bazaar in Srinagar

Gola Bazaar in Srinagar

Gola, which means circle, is located in the centre of Srinagar. Roads from different directions meet at this point and that is why it is one of the most happening places in the city. While the Gola Market is located here, the place is also the favorite hangout for the youth.  A stroll around this place will introduce you to the culture of the city, especially if you go there in the evening. 

Gola Bazaar is also the place where most of the political meetings, public gatherings and other social activities take place. However, let not such mundane chaos deter you from visiting the place. Indeed, it has a charm of its own and you can easily detach yourself from such chaos by looking up to see the green hills and the blue sky.

Chouras in Srinagar

Chouras in Srinagar

While Gola Bazaar is located in the older part of the city Chouras is a newly emerging area in Srinagar. It is located a little away from the main township and can easily be reached by taxi. The area comprises of a flat land in the lap of the green hills. River Alakananda flow gently across this region and its banks offer a good opportunity for a day’s outing. Kilkileshwar Temple and a suspension bridge are the two most significant places of tourist interest here. Besides, the area houses many housing complexes and a small sports complex. Boating facilities are available here. You may also like hiking along the road or trek to nearby hills.

Sri Yantra Tapu in Srinagar

Sri Yanta Tapu in Srinagar

Sri Yantra Tapu is actually an island in the middle of River Alakananda. For long, this place was used by Tantric worshippers of Sri Vidya cult to practice their art.  If hearsays are to be believed King Satyendra Singh underwent severe penance at this spot so that he could kill a fierce demon called Kalasura. It is said the king received a Tantric devise called Sri Yantra and was able to kill the demon with the help of its divine power. Later however the Sri Yantra was put to mischievous use and when Adi Guru Shankaracharya heard about it he hurled it into the river. One can still see Sri Yantra lying on the riverbed. However, it has now lost its charm and cannot do any harm. Yet it remains one of the enigmatic places in Srinagar and is much revered by the residences. It has also turned into a favorite recreational spot for them.

SSB Complex in Srinagar

SSB Complex in Srinagar

SSB Complex area is another place to visit in Srinagar. The word stands for Sashastra Seema Bal; it is a branch of Central Armed Police Force and was formed with the objective of guarding the Indo Nepal and Indo Bhutan border.  It has a huge complex in Srinagar. Apart from administrative buildings, there is also a huge sports complex located here.  It has a reasonably large sitting capacity and hosts cricket and football tournaments round the year. The Shankar Math is another must see places in this area. If you like hiking and camping, the area beyond this complex offers a good venue.

Other Areas in Srinagar

Apart from the above mentioned areas, there are few other important localities in Srinagar. For example, places like Uphalda, Anthag Dang, Dang Gao, Rawadi, Ratuda, Srikot etc have their own importance and houses many important buildings. Srikot has many hotels and lodges. In addition, it also houses the HNBS Hospital. HNB Archaeological Museum is located in Rawadi. This area also houses a cinema hall. If you are looking for GMVN Tourist Bungalow, it is located in Daang Gao. As we have already said, each locality in Srinagr has its own importance.

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