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  • Why Laboratory Practice is Important for the Engineering Students
    Posted by : Dil Raj on | Jul 08,2020

    The purpose of the engineering field is to handle materials, energy, and information, thereby forming benefits for humankind. To do this successfully, engineers must have a familiarity with nature be

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  • D Pharma and B Pharma courses
    Posted by : Kumar Sahil on | May 27,2020

    B. Pharma can be defined as the science or consider the art which deals with the preparation and standardization of the medicines or drugs. The branch deals with the fundamental knowledge, and techni

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  • Which are the Highest Paying Management Jobs
    Posted by : Kumar Sahil on | May 27,2020

    Master of Business Management (MBA) is a specialization program that focuses on business administration and management. An MBA degree can help you launch a progressive career in the business domain a

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  • Qualities which an Engineering Graduate Must Posses
    Posted by : Dil Raj on | May 05,2020

    Engineering and Engineers both are a really significant part of our day-to-day lives. Everything you see around the light bulbs, air conditioners, buildings, roads even the computer or the mobile scr

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  • Impact of Wrong Career Choices on Students
    Posted by : Kamal Bhatt on | Mar 04,2020

    Most people in India don’t know the meaning of the word ‘career’. And fewer people know the vast number of amazing career choices that educational institutes and employers in India have on offer. Th

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  • what is Social media marketing
    Posted by : vikas sharma on | Nov 09,2019

    SMO - SMO means social media optimization. It means using social media to create awareness about the brand or product. Businesses use certain tactics to promote their business on social media effecti

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  • Uttarakhand Chardham Yatra
    Posted by : uttarakhandchardhamyatra on | May 02,2013

    In Char Dham yatra, devotees visit the four Hindu religious places in Uttarakhand state of India. Holy Himalayan mountains shine up in the cloudy heights of the grand Garhwal and beautify the magnifi

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